Candidate Selection is Entirely Complimentary

A Perfect Hire In Five Simple Steps

Candidate Selection is Entirely Complimentary

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You fill out the form

In just seconds you can present your vacancy to Lastel’s expert recruitment team via our online submission portal. Feel free to include any additional role requirements or candidates specifications.

We contact you to qualify the job

Immediately we will arrange a call with you to evaluate your role’s specifications as well as your business culture and candidates requirements to ensure a perfect fit. As one of Europe’s leading IT recruitment agencies, Lastel is committed to providing clients with candidates who are ideally suited to your business in every regard.

We send you the right candidates

Our dedicated recruiters with designated verticals start screening and interviewing candidates for your open roles and in less than 72 hours you’ll have a selection of candidates perfectly suited to your position, company culture and unique requirements.

You start interviewing within 5 days

Our goal is to make certain that you have a pool of shortlisted candidates that you can start interviewing within 5 days. Once you’ve chosen your top candidates, we’ll reach out to them and prepare for an interview at your request.


To make your hiring cycle entirely effortless, we take it upon ourselves to coordinate it from start to finish making it as smooth as possible for you.

You get your superstar

Guaranteeing you a new superstar is what makes Lastel Europe’s new leader in IT Recruitment. We’re committed to long-term support and that means we’re ready to build long-term relationships with our clients. With Lastel, Recruitment has never been easier.

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