• Passion
  • Agility/Speed
  • Empowerment
  • Innovation
  • Commitment

About us

Lastel was founded on a passion to provide businesses and job seekers with specialised, intelligent recruitment services. Our accelerated recruitment solutions are designed to provide businesses in IT with a seamless way to acquire new talent.
Organisations of all sizes utilise Lastel's efficient, accurate recruitment solutions because of our extensive talent pools and professional partnerships. We are here to make your recruitment process effortless.

The Values Behind Everything We Do


We’re deeply dedicated about ensuring our clients and candidates feel valued when working with us. Our integral passion for providing opportunities is what motivates us to change people’s lives and drive business prosperity. We guarantee our continuous support and cooperation throughout the recruitment lifecycle.


A principal respect for other's time is what drove Lastel to innovate entirely new recruitment processes. We carefully consider every one of your unique requirements to source well-matched talent in just a few days. A no-fuss, accelerated approach means getting a new candidate or job interview is incredibly seamless with us.


To Lastel, a successful, thriving candidate is an empowered one. We focus on noting and championing existing and upcoming talents. Unleashing untapped potential and moving our candidates forward is part of our routine. All candidates passing through Lastel are supported, encouraged and trained on how to succeed in the local and national workforce we keep our candidates with the up to date feedback from their interviews and provide guidelines on how to grow as our goal is to help them succeed


At Lastel, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of recruitment and sourcing technology. We're constantly discovering new ways to streamline employment opportunities, improve client relationships and getting candidates the careers they’re looking for. Our love for innovation is what allows our services to operate so efficiently.


At Lastel, we build strong business relationships with our clients through our on-going support and dedication to continually providing empowered, skilled and motivated talent. To us, it’s more than understanding job requirements; it’s also about understanding your organisation’s culture and awareness. We’re profoundly committed to offering talent who will blend naturally into the workplace and bring new energy with them.